Between. Sometimes.
Mostly. Often. Probably. Presumably. Rather.
Simultaneously. Always. Perhaps. Also. Or. Together. In between. More. With. Without. And.

The Belgian Art & Design Fair celebrates creation – somewhere between art and design. But especially creation as such, without necessarily categorizing it. Sometimes this. Sometimes that. Mostly in between.

BELGIAN — as to the gaze.
BA&DF focuses on the work of Belgian artists and designers. Often noticed abroad, they are just as often overlooked in their own country. Our gaze is Belgian, without necessarily defining what exactly this Belgian gaze stands for. Because it probably cannot be defined. As it probably does not want be to either. It would rather exist as a contradiction. And embrace that contradiction.

ART — on the one hand.
The term art refers to a domain. A collection of disciplines. A field. At the same time, the art world never stops changing. With constantly innovating collaborations between artists, galleries, exhibition organizers, collectors, patrons and curators. BA&DF wants to give this complexity a chance to show and develop itself. With like-minded and dissenting people – perhaps mostly dissenters. With Wim Lambrecht as curator.

DESIGN – On the other hand.
The term design also refers to a domain.
A field of expertise. A craft. With creators, designers, crafts, companies and producers. With story-telling objects. Handmade or high-tech. Functional or aesthetic. Unique or in series. And preferably: all of the above. With Doorzon interior architects and Theo De Meyer as curators.

FAIR — as a place.
The fair as a show. As a meeting. As a celebration. In the Floralies hall in Ghent. With a scenography of tents — to keep dry, and to gather under one roof. A tent with a square for furniture. And works of art. A tent with rooms and walls for galleries and shops. A tent for a market, with objects on tables. And much more in between. Scenography by Doorzon interior architects and Theo De Meyer.

BA&DF as a funfair for art and design. Two different worlds. With many more worlds in between. Sometimes with each other. Sometimes without. But above all, with and without taken together.


text: Bart Decroos

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