The Belgian1 Art2 & Design3 Fair4 celebrates creation
– somewhere between art and design.

1 BA&DF focuses on the work of Belgian artists and designers.
2 The term art refers to a domain. A collection of disciplines. A field. At the same time, the art world never stops changing. With constantly innovating collaborations between artists, galleries, exhibition organizers, collectors, patrons and curators.
3 The term design also refers to a domain. A field of expertise. A craft. With creators, designers, crafts, companies and producers. With story-telling objects. Handmade or high-tech. Functional or aesthetic. Unique or in series.
4 The fair as a show. As a meeting. As a celebration. An experience.

A funfair for art and design.

Two different worlds.
With many more worlds in between.
Sometimes with each other. Sometimes without.
But above all, with and without taken together.

Be there.



→ Edition 2021